Favourite Tables - about us

Hi and welcome! Let me take you on a delightful journey back to 2013 when Favourite Tables was born. It all started with a simple and wonderful idea: let’s create a list of restaurants where we’ve had amazing dining experiences, and then share it with our family and friends. And so, we did just that!

To our pleasant surprise, the response we received was overwhelming. People absolutely adored the concept of an independent blog/website showcasing fantastic restaurants and why a select few of us would recommend them.

As the word spread and our list reached more people, we started receiving requests from a much wider audience who had stumbled upon our platform or had it shared with them. They wanted to contribute to our growing collection of favourite dining spots and believed that even more people should hear about these hidden gems.

And so, the Social Marketplace came into being! It became a hub of culinary exploration, where food enthusiasts from all corners of the UK could come together, share their favourite dining spots, and spread the love for their discovered eateries. With each new addition, our platform grow into an amazing curated list of “Favourite Tables”.

Imagine a vibrant community, united by a shared passion for great food, coming together to celebrate and support local restaurants, big and small. From family-owned local diners and gastropubs to fine dining gourmet hotspots, everyone’s input was cherished, and the Social Marketplace thrived on the diversity of experiences and tastes.

Favourite Tables has truly became a place where the magic of dining out and the joy of sharing found a totally independent social hub. So, here’s to those humble beginnings, and to the amazing people like you who continue, now Ten years on, to make our restaurant-loving community a truly special one! Cheers to the spirit of discovery and the love for great dining experiences! 🍽️✨

Our ethos is about places people love – always has been, always will be.

Favourite Tables is just that – our recommendations and reviews are from people who love where they go and go back to.

The popularity of each Favourite Tables restaurant is assured on the Social Marketplace and through the restaurant reviews they receive.

Dining Out is a very Social affair

We know that dining out is so much more than just food; it’s about sharing great moments with your loved ones and making lasting memories. Our restaurant recommendation and finder service is all about bringing people together and creating that fantastic social experience.

Discover the best restaurants, cafes, and eateries that not only serve great dishes but are also perfect meeting places. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, catching up with friends, or looking to meet new people who share your taste for good food, we’ve got a range of interesting places for you.

Explore a world of diverse cuisines, where every bite takes you on a delightful journey through different cultures. Let favourite tables be your guide to those hidden gems and popular hotspots, where you can savour delicious food whilst socialising with the ones who matter most.
The favourite tables, Social Marketplace, gives the best possible shared recommendations experience, enjoy being social! Happy dining! 🍽️🎉